Shopping Online? Saving is Easy with These Cashback Sites

December 3rd, 2019 by

Shopping online and saving money has become easier than ever. There are many different types of apps available that help you save money and also introduce you to new items. A few apps that are absolutely loved and used by many shoppers on a regular basis are eBates, Swagbucks, BeFrugal and Ibotta.

Ebates is a website that gives you money back when you shop online through different vendors. They also have a free app that you can download allowing you to save when you are shopping on your phone or tablet. They have a ton of different ways to save money so be sure to check them out if you are booking a hotel, shopping for Christmas or looking for airline tickets. If you’re going to spend the money anyway, you might as well get money back for your purchase.

Swagbucks is also a free app that lets you make money from the convenience of your own home by watching movies, taking part in surveys or signing up for certain promotions to earn money. You can also do your shopping through Swagbucks, which is similar to Ebates, and get some great deals and money back.

BeFrugal is another great site to try out if you’re looking to cut back and save some money. Every little bit counts, right? BeFrugal has some great deals from some of the major shopping sources online. Right now, you can join for free and receive a $10 cash bonus. That’s worth signing up in itself. They offer over 5000 retailers to choose from. Sign up and start saving money now.

Ibotta is one the best apps for grocery shopping. You simply load a coupon to your app, purchase the product and scan your receipt and product to get your savings. They link your savings to your Paypal account so you can easily transfer the money to your bank account. Saving with the Ibotta app has never been easier, plus it allows you to view new items that you may not be aware of. You can also reserve hotel rooms and other features through the app and receive money back.

Saving money online is very convenient and easy. By using these four apps, you will be sure to stumble upon some fabulous deals that can’t be beat. Take advantage of the offers, and sign up today!

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