See What All the WestBank Flea Market Has to Offer!

December 3rd, 2019 by

There are many reasons why everyone is talking about New Orleans’ WestBank Flea Market. It’s a place where you can sell, perform your musical skills, or just enjoy the market. Come enjoy the great atmosphere and discover the treasures of this market. This is such a great place to spend your weekend with the family!

Market Information
The WestBank Flea Market is outdoors at 1048 Scotsdale Drive (one block from the Westbank Expressway). Click here for directions. It is now open on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am-4pm. There will be an area with your favorite food trucks as well as classic carnival foods. However, you can also enjoy the organic vegetable gardens or fresh seafood markets if you prefer. Also, experience up to 90 of the merchant booths! There’s over 37,500 square feet of covered market space and the event provides tons of FREE parking!

Become Apart of the Market
Earn a little extra income! This event allows for people to sell their products for as little as $10 a day for a space! Whether it may be food, clothes, etc., people will appreciate buying things from a local market. Rental prices vary whether you are a permanent vendor, open-air seller, weekend merchant, or a food truck. Click here to view the renting prices and reserve a spot today! You can also participate in the event by becoming a star on the acoustic stage. Musicians can sign up to perform at the market to show off their skills. Come show the city of Harvey what you’re made of. Click here to sign up!

2017 Back to School Scholarships
The Westbank Flea Market Scholarships are eligible for students enrolled between the 1st and 12th grades showing a report card with at least a C average. The market is even working on one day giving away a greater amount of money. This is a great way Harvey gives back to the community. Make sure you sign your kids up to save up on their college education. Scholarships will be given away at the drawing to 3 lucky winners on Saturday, July 29th!

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