Drive Your Hyundai to the Big Easy International Film Festival

December 3rd, 2019 by

The Big Easy International Film Festival was created close to a decade ago and has been growing tremendously ever since. The event plays an important role as an opportunity for filmmakers to get screening opportunities. For the nine years that the event has been running, they have been operating from one of the most historic locations in the country, which is the French Quarter. If you make movies or just love movies, you should hop in your Hyundai and head to the Big Easy International Film Festival being held Friday, Jan. 13th – 15th, 2017.

Filmmaker Showing Their Work
The Big Easy International Film Festival boasts an amazing opportunity for filmmakers to debut their original works. The company has been screening these types of films to audiences across the world and for the longest time. If you want to debut your film; you just need to have a production that was done after 2012 and to make sure that it hasn’t been screened before in any of the TV stations in the country.

Prizes for Best Films
It has also been the culture of the event organizers to reward the people that are outstanding in the events. These include the jury at the festival and also the audience. If you are planning to attend the festival to see what has been screened, you may end up getting a prize if you play your cards well.

The great thing about the 2017 event is that the event is also going green. All you need to do is use video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo to share your film. Get listed, attend the event, it will be the most fun you have had in a while!

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