Best Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

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As one of the most anticipated events in sports, the Super Bowl captivates you with its presence and the promise of sheer excitement. Each year as the designated date approaches, it is hard to contain all of the emotions surrounding it. From Hollywood, California to Harvey, Louisiana millions of Americans are glued to their television for hours watching the best teams battle it out. The Super Bowl is so much bigger than just football itself as it has several facets that keep you intrigued. There is the spectacular halftime show with dazzling performances from some of the best entertainers. Then there are those incredible commercials which have become the second most important component of the Super Bowl. With a cost of millions per 30 seconds, let’s take a look at some of the fan favorites from over the years.

Snickers Betty White
As one of the most seasoned actresses on television today, Betty White has done it all including being featured in a Snickers commercial. The elderly actress showed her spunky side as she went head on with the players in a game of tackle football, only to tire out and be rejuvenated with the delicious taste of chocolate.

Skittles – Romance the Rainbow (from 2017 Superbowl)
Speaking of candy, a recent favorite from the 2017 Super Bowl was the latest hilarious Skittles commercial. From kids, adults, robbers, and cops, everyone had their mouths open for the for that fruity “taste of the rainbow.”

Mr. Clean – Romantic Dance (from 2017 Superbowl)
Mr. Clean shows his sexy side in a romantic dance fantasy. The overall effect makes cleaning look enticing rather than exhausting. It hits the spot by giving Mr. Clean a whole new appeal.

Hyundai Genesis – Dad Saves the Day
While players in the Super Bowl are prone to mishaps, kids are also prone to mishaps, and this Hyundai Genesis commercial shows “a day in the life of dad” who becomes a hero not on the field but at home.

E-Trade Baby – Clown
In another cute kid Super Bowl commercial, the seriousness of brokerage accounts are a far cry from the cuteness of babies In this one, E-Trade manages to add a clown talking to a baby to show a lighter viewpoint of a future need.

Ameriquest Mortgage – Herding Cats
From kids to furry friends, Ameriquest shows us a funny family of not cattle herders, but cat herders and how keeping everything in line is the common goal.

FedEx – Castaway
FedEx also shows off its funnier side in a commercial about a castaway who was stranded for five years with an unopened package he finally delivers. In the end, it contains items that could have helped, but the determination of delivery had been stronger than temptation.

Pepsi – Cindy Crawford
Pepsi took it to a new level to introduce their new can’s design by featuring supermodel Cindy Crawford in a tantalizing thirst quenching commercial. With its appealing nature, just one look is all it took to fall in love with Cindy and the soda.

Coke – Mean Joe Green
Although airing over forty years ago, who can forget the brave kid who faced Mean Joe Green and gave him his coke? By the end of this commercial, even if you did not have a Coke you definitely had a smile!

For over fifty years, Super Bowl commercials have left many of us mesmerized. Each year, they seem to grow more creative making them larger than life and an integral part of the Super Bowl experience! Go and check some of your favorite Super Bowl commercials. Afterward, stop by Ray Brandt Hyundai to find the vehicle you need.

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