Benefits of Certified Pre-Owned

Used cars on a car lot

There are three classes of car. There’s a new car, which no one has driven before and comes with the absolute latest in features. There’s a used car, which has had previous owners. However, a lot of people in New Orleans are in the dark on the third type of car, Certified Pre-Owned. CPO cars sit in the middle between new and used. They are not new because they’ve had a previous owner, yet they have a more rigorous vetting done to them than a standard used car would have. Want to know how you can get the best of both worlds? Ray Brandt Hyundai has those facts, a link to apply for financing, and so much more.

What Makes a Car CPO?

All Certified Pre-Owned cars have been driven before like a used car, but not all used cars are CPO. What makes a car CPO? It involves several factors, seen in the following list:

  • A CPO vehicle is thoroughly vetted by the dealership for quality. When you purchase a CPO vehicle, you will be able to rest assured that your Marrero vehicle has passed a rigorous multi-point inspection to ensure overall quality.
  • A CPO vehicle has to meet model year and mileage standards. Every CPO vehicle will be within a recent model year and below a certain mileage.
  • A CPO vehicle often comes with a nice warranty from the dealership. This is to sweeten the deal for Gretna drivers. Just ask the dealership about what warranty you can get with that CPO vehicle!

Why Go CPO?

People pick CPO vehicles for many reasons. For one, they allow drivers to get a level of wear closer to a new vehicle while paying less than the new car price. For risk-averse shoppers, buying a CPO vehicle allows them to avoid gambling on a used vehicle with an accident history. Got a question about Certified Pre-Owned? Ray Brandt Hyundai would be happy to answer it for you!

Find Your Dream CPO Car with Ray Brandt Hyundai

Certified Pre-Owned could be your way of getting it all when it comes to buying a car. Want to learn more about these great cars? Just ask us! You can fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you promptly.