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Fast Tire Replacement at Great Prices near Slidell, LA

Changing the tires on your Hyundai serves several important purposes. It enhances the traction so you can better grip the road in any weather conditions, preventing skids and the resulting accidents. It will also reduce your stopping distance, helping you out in an emergency situation. By replacing your tires, you can even boost your fuel efficiency and your Hyundai's overall performance. You don't need to swap out your tires for new ones until the tread starts to get low or they show other signs of wear. Visit our New Orleans dealership today to let our expert staff inspect your tires. We are a short ride from Kenner, Gretna, Slidell, Covington, and Mandeville.

When Replacement Tires Are Necessary

For most people, a tire replacement becomes necessary for your Hyundai when the tread gets too low. You should definitely get new tires if the tread depth drops to 1/16th of an inch or less. You can tell this is the case based on the built-in bar known as a tread wear indicator. Otherwise, you can rely on the old-fashioned penny test or have our technicians take a look at your tires.

Even if the tread on your tires seems fine, it will be time for a replacement if there are other issues, such as a leak that can't be fixed or cracks forming. Driving on weakened tires puts you at risk of a blowout, so it should be avoided at all costs. Remember that for safety reasons you should always replace all four tires at the same time. This way, they will wear evenly and your Hyundai will be balanced and aligned.


Choosing Tires from Ray Brandt Hyundai

At Ray Brandt Hyundai, we make it easy to find the ideal set of new tires. All of the ones we have in stock are designed to work well with Hyundai models. Just show us your car or tell us the wheel size and we will make a suggestion based on your budget, lifestyle, and needs. After that, we can change the tires for you, making sure everything is properly aligned. Be sure to check out our Service Specials for additional tire savings.

Whether you know you need to replace your tires or are concerned and need a second opinion, Ray Brandt Hyundai's Harvey, Louisiana, service center can help.