Brake Service in New Orleans, LA


Professional Brake Service Near Metairie, Louisiana

Every time you get behind the wheel of your Hyundai, you rely on your brakes to keep you safe. You press the brake pedal with the assumption that it will trigger the brakes into action and stop your vehicle, preventing a collision. This assumption will continue to be true as long as you take care of your brakes by bringing your Hyundai in for regular service. A regular brake inspection is the best way to ensure everything is working properly and no components are overly worn or putting you at risk. The service technicians at Ray Brandt Hyundai are trained to give you expert advice on your brake condition. Don't put your safety at risk; schedule your brake inspection at our New Orleans dealership now. View our Service Specials to find savings on the service you need.


What Happens During Brake Service?

Your brake service is always done by a trained Hyundai technician with years of experience working on models just like yours. The dealership technician will begin your brake service by removing the wheels of your Hyundai to get a closer look at the hydraulics, fluid levels and quality, and other parts. After this, he or she will inspect all components of the brakes, including the rotors, drums, and brake pads. Your technician will check for signs of wear and tear so he or she can tell whether the rotors need to be resurfaced or replaced and what other steps need to be taken to keep you and your passenger's safe in your Hyundai.


When to Visit Ray Brandt Hyundai in Harvey, LA

Driving involves more than just paying attention to your surroundings; you also have to be familiar with the sounds and smells of your vehicle. If you hear an odd grinding sound when applying the brakes, this means that your brake pads are completely worn and need to be replaced immediately. You may also notice a screeching sound when the brake pads reach the indicator. Anytime you notice odd vibrations during driving, your Hyundai pulling to one side during braking, or a drop in responsiveness, schedule brake service.

Make your brake inspection appointment at Ray Brandt Hyundai in Harvey, Louisiana, at the intervals indicated in your owner's manual. Our dealership is a short drive from New OrleansMandeville and Gretna.