Hyundai Accent Lease Deals Laplace, LA

Top 5 Reasons to Consider Hyundai Accent Lease Deals Near Laplace, LA

Although you might have your heart set on buying a new vehicle, sometimes, leasing is a better option. Before purchasing a new car, take time to learn about the incredible Hyundai Accent deals near Laplace, LA, that you will get by leasing. As you will discover with the information provided, there are many benefits to leasing over buying.

1. Down Payment – In most instances, there is no down payment required when leasing. Instead of trading in another vehicle or coming up with money out-of-pocket, a respected dealer close to Laplace, LA, can get you set up for a lease by putting only a small amount of money down.
2. Monthly Payment – A nice advantage of Hyundai Accent lease deals is that you will spend less each month in car payments than if you were to buy. In fact, the difference is often substantial. That allows you to look at higher trim levels for the Accent model than what you could afford otherwise.

3. New or Newer Model – Another benefit of leasing is that while under the agreement, you will always drive a new or newer Accent. If you decide to extend your lease contract, you will swap out the model again for something new or newer. That means whether you are going back and forth to work each day in Laplace, LA, or taking long road trips for business or pleasure, you will always have a car with the latest and most innovative safety, entertainment, and technology features available.

4. Repair Issues – Something else to think about is that because you have a new or newer model Accent to drive, there are virtually no repair issues. Typically, cars do not start experiencing problems for several years. With leasing from a trusted dealership near Laplace, LA, you get to enjoy the car during its most trouble-free years.

5. Accent Model – With Hyundai Accent lease deals, you get to drive an incredibly popular car. The automaker redesigned the exterior of the 2018 Accent so that it now feels more like a sedan than a hatchback. Not only is this car .6 inches longer than the 2017 model, but it also has redesigned headlights, taillights, and grille.

Fantastic Leasing Options

For the best leasing options, visit us at Ray Brandt Hyundai in Harvey, not far from Laplace, LA. Along with an impressive inventory of cars and SUVs, we have a fantastic in-house finance department.

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