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Auto Loans Near Jefferson, LA: Not What You Expect

Because of so much misinformation, you might think the last place you want to get financing from is a dealership. The fact is that auto loans near a Jefferson, LA, dealership are probably better than what you could get from a conventional lending institution. Are you surprised? To understand why, consider some of the differences between the two.

For one thing, the experts at a reputable dealer not far from Jefferson, LA, know how auto loans work. With years of experience assisting hundreds or even thousands of customers, they understand the required steps. They also have connections with multiple lenders, which means there is an excellent chance of you getting better terms and lower interest.

Also, a dealership can choose a “buy down.” In exchange for selecting a specific bank, the lender financially compensates the dealer. However, if you can prove that you can get a lower interest rate than what the dealership offers, it can opt for the buy-down option. With that, it accepts a lower compensation, which equates to reduced interest for you. That shows that paying a higher interest rate on all dealership auto loans is untrue.

Something else to consider is that on most auto loans, the dealer does not have to finance as much, which can make approval easier in some instances. The reason is that a reputable dealership keeps its prices lower than the competition. That means you can purchase a more expensive car, truck, or SUV and pay less, thereby financing a lower amount of money.

A trusted Jefferson, LA, dealership considers loans from more than just one lender. Working on your behalf, the financial expert will compare what each offers, finding you the best one. That alone is tremendously valuable.

You also need to factor in the convenience of auto loans from a respected dealer. In one day, you can browse the available inventory; select the vehicle of your dreams; secure financing; and drive away in a used, certified pre-owned, or new automobile. That prevents you from wasting a lot of valuable time and effort making phone calls or visiting several lending institutions trying to get the required funding.

Enjoy a Positive Car-Buying Experience

At Ray Brandt Hyundai in Harvey, not far from Jefferson, LA, we have an incredible selection of vehicles, all affordably priced. We also have financing that streamlines the buying process. Call or stop by to see us today for a positive car-buying experience.

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