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Boosting Approval for Car Loans at a Metairie, LA, Dealership

Often, car loans at a Metairie, LA, dealership are better than those from a traditional bank or credit union. Not only does that mean getting excellent terms and low interest, it also means receiving approval with less-than-perfect credit. If you want to buy a quality vehicle but have concerns about going through the lending process, there are viable ways to boost your chance of approval.

Choose the Right Dealership – When it comes to car loans, some dealerships are more flexible than others. Also, some dealers have more and stronger connections with trusted lenders. By choosing the right dealership, one with an expert in-house finance department, you have a much better chance of financing a car, truck, or SUV.
FICO Score – Before you visit the dealership near Metairie, LA, check your current credit score. For that, call, fax, or email all three reporting agencies to request a copy. Once received, you need to go over every line item, looking for omissions that could increase your score, along with any discrepancies that would cause it to drop. You would then send a letter along with documented proof back to the respective reporting agency, which, in turn, will make the corrections. Typically, this takes between three and six months to complete, so plan accordingly.

Traditional Lending Offers – If you can provide the dealership near Metairie, LA, with proof that a conventional lending institution offered you a lower interest rate, there is an excellent chance of it coming in with a better deal. Dealerships receive a percentage of the loans they secure. Because a reputable dealer views you as a valued customer, it will accept a lower amount from the lender. That way, it can meet the interest offered by the bank or credit union or perhaps beat it.

Honesty – For dealership car loans, honesty is imperative. Whether you feel scared or embarrassed, remember, a trusted dealer works with people in all kinds of situations. Being upfront about everything makes it easier for the financial specialist to find the right loan so that you can drive away in your dream car.

Only the Best

At Ray Brandt Hyundai in Harvey, not far from Metairie, LA, we offer our customers the best. At our dealership, you will discover superior-quality vehicles, affordable prices, friendly salespeople, and outstanding finance and service assistance. To buy the perfect car, truck, or SUV, please call or visit us in person.

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