Wheel Alignment in New Orleans, LA

Wheel Alignment at your New Orleans Hyundai Dealer

If it's been a while since your last wheel alignment, then you should consider heading over to Ray Brandt Hyundai and having an alignment done by our trained technicians. Aligning the wheels of your car is not a DIY project because it has to be so precise. Our experienced professionals who are familiar with your make and model can complete a tire alignment in a short amount of time. We offer our Mandeville, Baton Rouge, and Hammond area customer's exceptional service, convenient hours, and competitive pricing. Schedule your wheel alignment now and be sure to view our Service Specials to save even more.


Why Alignment Matters

There are dozens of reasons to have your Hyundai's wheels aligned on a regular basis. You can typically notice a reasonable difference in handling and the steering feel if your wheels are not aligned. Additionally, properly aligned wheels will put pressure on the tires evenly, which reduces the amount of work the engine has to do and increases your fuel efficiency. Therefore, having your alignment done helps your pocketbook at the gas station and reduces your impact on the planet.

Properly aligned wheels even help keep you stay safe since your car will respond properly to your steering efforts. If your alignment is off, it may pull to one side or the other when driving, putting you at risk. Because of these things, you should follow the schedule for wheel alignment in your owner's manual or the suggestions of your mechanic. Have your Hyundai's wheels aligned after a car accident, as well, since the impact can negatively impact the alignment.


Have Our Technicians Do the Alignment

In addition to being a precise task, aligning the wheels is a challenge because every make and model will have slightly different specifications. Since we specialize in Hyundais at Ray Brandt Hyundai, we are familiar with all the particulars for each model, ensuring that your wheels will be aligned according to the manufacturer's directions.

The next time you notice an odd pulling or vibration while driving, have your wheels aligned at the Ray Brandt Hyundai service center in Harvey, Louisiana.